Wedding Videography

Your Wedding day will be a blur to you and your parents.  It goes by so fast and you will miss a large part of it.  A wedding video is like a "time machine". It lets you relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like. Another way to look at it is..."It let's you attend your own wedding at your leisure without the stresses and distractions of the day."  It is also a significant and important "living" document for your relatives, future children, and grandchildren.  Some couples don't realize just how important their wedding video is until later in life...especially after the loss of a friend or loved one.

Comparison to Wedding Photography

You can't frame your wedding video or carry it in your purse or wallet to show a friend.  But, you can't hear your wedding vows, see a tear as it falls down your cheek, or relive the sights, sounds, and emotions of your dad walking you down the aisle or your first dance as husband and wife by looking at a photograph.  Photography and videography are both artistic expressions and vary from artist to artist. 



There is a misconception that your wedding video should be less expensive than your photographs. In reality most professional videographers tend to have higher equipment costs and more physical work during and after the wedding.


Leave your video to the pros

A wedding video is an entire movie of your wedding day. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is an encyclopedia. Think of all the laughs that you will share over the years as you remember the good times and relive your special day. Your putting all the time and planning into your perfect day, don't risk trusting your memories to anyone other than a professional.

Videographer must have checklist:

  • Professional Hi-Definition Equipment
  • 3CCD Digital Camcorders
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Non Linear Editing System
  • Author on DVD w/ Interactivity
  • Encode in Surround Sound
  • Quality Reputation

  • Digital Dreams meets and exceeds these important aspects of a professional video studio.   Compare us to the competition,  use these items as a guide.  If the cameras look like they were bought at a retail store, BEWARE! They are not using pro gear. Remember you get what you pay for.


    A Treasured Memory

    We have never had a couple regret spending the extra money to use our services to produce their wedding video. In fact, most tell us it was the best investment they made on their special day.

    This wedding day will only happen once in your lives. Don't miss the opportunity to capture those precious memories on a video that you can re-live over and over. The day will all be a blur and most of those special moment will simply be forgotten or overlooked and given some time you will find yourself regretting your decision if you choose not to hire a professional.


    Your videographer must be the:

    -sound person

    and they must do all of these jobs well to produce the wedding video that you deserve.

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